Kita Ward Board of Education organizes a summer camp for junior high school students (8th graders, ages 13-14 years old) who live in the Kita Ward area in order to help them gain some experience to use English in a real setting and improve their listening and language-speaking abilities through interaction with foreign university students in the cultural and outdoor activities.

2010 Report (PDF/Japanese)


2016 Report (PDF/Japanese)

参加報告書 (日本語)(PDF/Japanese)

Foreign Students'
Main Roles

  1. Give Japanese students opportunities to interact with you and other people from different cultures and show how important English is used to communicate with foreigners by only speaking English during the entire camp round.
  2. You must participate in all activities at the camp (hiking & orienteering, International Cultural Performance, camp fire, chat room session, ice breaker games, etc…)
    Important Note: We have experienced camp instructors to lead in most activities. 
2017 ESC's Schedule
Round Pre-meeting Camp Schedule
R1 July 20th July 21st-23rd
R2 July 22nd July 23rd-25th
R3 July 24th July 25th-27th
R4 July 26th July 27th-29th
R5 July 28th July 29th-31st
R6 July 30th July 31st-August 2nd
R7 August 1st August 2nd-4th
R8 August 3rd August 4th-August 6th
R9 August 5th August 6th-8th
R10 August 7th August 8th-10th
R11 August 9th August 10th-12th
R12 August 11th August 12th-14th

Each round includes a mandatory pre-meeting to prepare for your exciting adventure.


Camp Schedule Outline

  Pre-Meeting Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Morning   Meet Students at Junior High School Orienteering Hiking Farewell Assembly
Leave Nasu
Afternoon   Ice Breaker Games
Chat Room Session
Autograph Exchange
ICP Practice
Go to Sightseeing Place
Say Goodbye to Students
(Depart 4-5pm)
Evening 18:00~
・ESC Program Explanation
・Training Session
Group Activities
・Self Introduction
・ICP Practice
ICP: International Cultural Performance
International Night
・Camp Fire
・ICP Presentation

Guidelines for Applicants

Number of Foreign Students Needed

200~250 students.

  • People who have the energy and enjoy being with young teenagers at the junior high school level.
  • Must be proficient in English (regardless of nationality).
  • Should be enrolled in a UNIVERSITY in Japan by the time you apply for the program.(Exchange students and those who have done ESC before are accepted.).
  • Must pass an interview from ESC staff in June.
  • Those who are currently working as an ALT are also eligible to apply.

Kita Ward Board of Education will pay for all expenses including accommodation, food, insurance and transportation (round trip from pre-meeting location to Nasu).


21,000 yen per round (before tax).
*Each round includes a mandatory pre-meeting and performing all summer camp duties.


How to Apply to ESC

Please access our website to register on our online application form. http://www.shopro.co.jp/esc/
If you have any difficulties using the internet, please contact us at our ESC Foreign Students Office.
The ESC Foreign Students Office will contact all applicants by phone(03-3515-6798) or e-mail(escnasu@shopro.co.jp) about when and where you will be interviewed. ESC executive staff will interview all applicants and decide the round(s) for successful applicants to participate in.

Thank you for your application form and expressing your interest in our English Summer Camp program.
Unfortunately, our deadline for the application is over.
We won’t be able to accept any application from now.
Hope to meet you in other future program.
Thank you for your understanding.


ESC Testimonials

  • “Not enough sleep, too much exercise with resulting muscle pain, too much laughter and weird pictures....in other words, the best time of your life!!!”
    Jerry, Brazil

  • “Being a charismatic leader, being a super star, getting unforgettable memories! All of it is here, and even more d=(^o^)=b”
    Kuzmenko Boris, Russia

  • “Never expected such a great experience! Students are amazing and you meet people from all over the world! I'll do it again for sure!”
    Nia, Italy

  • “Awesome experience, lovely people, exciting activities. I really cherish every moment of the event.”
    Chi, Nigeria

  • “A wonderful experience! Chance to not only meet lovely kids but also make new friends!!!”
    Emily, Taiwan

  • “Unforgettable experience! You're gonna make friends with the whole world in just 3 days!”
    Valerie, Russia

  • “Great chance to play games and practice English!”
    Muka, Uzbekistan

  • “ESC is a great place to play, learn and grow internationally.”
    Karthik Ram, India

  • “A great opportunity to bring out your inner child by interacting with students and a chance to meet other people.”
    Cherri, Canada

  • “ESC allows you to not only to teach, but also to learn about many different cultures, super interesting!”
    Anner, Netherland

  • “One of the most amazing experience I have ever had for camps thus far. It's fun, exciting, wacky with awesome moments making new friends from different countries! You'll be in for a great cultural surprise you'll never expect! So come and join in the fun for ESC. Experience the magical moment for yourself!”
    Taki, Singapore

  • “I would like to say that, ESC is a great and excellent project. This project allowed me to meet new friends and colleagues across the world. On top of that, it has many advantages and generates social benefits throughout the programme.  I highly suggest to everyone not to miss this golden opportunity in Japan.”
    Rovshan, Azerbaijan

  • “I met the most amazing people of my life in ESC, sweet kids, friendly captains and amazing staff, like Taka and Nezumi! Those three days with kids are one of the best memories for me in Japan! I'm so looking forward to join it again this summer :) ”
    Zohre, Iran

  • “Enjoyable moments of ESC are numerous but all these are embedded in the uniqueness of its diversity of culture, language, and skin colour. Meeting Japanese Junior High School students under serenity of Nasu environment was memorable.”
    Fawibe (Pharrell), Nigeria

  • “More than a camp is an adventure! Get ready to make new international friends and to have fun with Japanese kids!”
    Azariah (Asa), Honduras

  • “ESC is an amazing program for both students and captains! Every staff member is so nice and full of energy. Being a captain at ESC has been one of my best experiences in Japan. Taka rocks!”
    Michael, Nicaragua

  • “I'll never forget all the good times that I had with fellow ESC captains and the junior high school students; our bus games, dances during the camp fire night, cultural night performance, and just literally everything!”
    Shabrina, Indonesia

  • “ESC Summer Camp provides unique experience to both captains and students. During this camp, we interact with people from all over the world as well as share and learn different cultures. It increases our knowledge on how people in other part of the world lives and happily associate with each other. Join this year's ESC summer camp to experience a wonderful moment, please do not missed out.”
    Emmanuel, Sierra Leone


Pictures of Activities


ESC Foreign Students Office

For further information, please contact us on:

Tel: 03-3515-6798
Fax: 03-3515-6887
E-mail: escnasu@shopro.co.jp

*Reception Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00AM~5:00PM



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