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ShoPro offers early childhood educational program to our customers nationwide. Our original “Dora-kids Method” is designed to provide children with a positive educational experience, which we believe is essential for children's autonomous learning. We support children by building their futures through success and achievement.

Shogakukan Academy

Founded in 1970, Shogakukan Academy has been leading the Japanese early childhood English education field with its authentic, advanced learning programs. To meet the needs of various interests and the needs of children, Shogakukan Academy has broadened its teaching subjects to Japanese, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. We provide support to our students, building strength and independence into their learning experience.

General Child Care Services

ShoPro offers a variety of child care services (Human Assistant Services) nationwide, ranging from the operation of day care and nursery facilities to personal babysitting services.

Other Educational Courses

ShoPro operates a variety of adult courses such as painting courses for adult. ShoPro also provides extensive support for classroom activities and curriculum, to enhance and improve English learning in elementary schools.

Correspondence Education Department(DORAZEMI)

The Correspondence Education Department (DORAZEMI) offers an excellent correspondence education system for young children, using materials co-developed with Shogakukan Publishing. This is a new home based learning system for children, which is supported by interesting and fun materials featuring the cartoon character, Doraemon.

Recreation Planning Section

The Recreation Planning Section offers recreational programs for outdoor activities and camping. It plans and operates a variety of recreational projects. ShoPro has administered projects for various companies and local government agencies.
ShoPro also runs SRLC (Shogakukan Recreation Leaders Club), which started in 1981. The objective of this club is to train leaders for outdoor or recreational activities.

Social Education Department

The Social Education Department performs the administrative operation of public facilities for the Designated Manager System, PFI programs and other subcontracting arrangements. It offers high quality service and support to facilities such as life-long learning centers, museums and art galleries, libraries and environmental development centers, among others.

Correctional Services Department

The Correctional Services Department provides correctional education and social rehabilitation programs for inmates in correctional facilities, including the first public/private joint-cooperation correctional facility in Japan.
Backed by our expertise in comprehensive educational programs, we also offer a variety of social rehabilitation and crime prevention programs, including psychological education and IT job training as well as rehabilitation programs and training for mentally and physically handicapped inmates.