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Child Education Division

ShoPro established its early childhood English classes for elementary school children in 1970. Since then ShoPro has been offering high quality educational services to a wide range of customers nationwide, from infants to elementary and junior high school students.

DORA-KIDS are classes for infants from one year to early elementary school children, that are based upon the concept of playful learning. These learning centers are found in commercial facilities, such as shopping malls, across the country.

miki HOUSE KIDS PAL and miki HOUSE ENGLISH CLUB are expanded infant classes for one year old infants to early elementary school children based in major department stores nationwide, in collaboration with the children’s apparel company miki HOUSE.

Shogakukan Academy provides educational services for infant, elementary and junior high school students based on 45 years of experience in English education. In addition, E-colabs is an English course using a Story-based Curriculum developed by Dr. Allen Tamai Mitsue, Professor of Aoyama Gakuin University. We also run a Japanese course for cultivating basic academic skills and mathematics.