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Marketing Office

The Marketing Office was established to take advantage of ShoPro’s know-how, developed over many years. To expand our education business to a wider stage, we started the POKÉMON GLOBAL ACADEMY, which is a new style of private after-school care for children, combining “playing - learning - POKÉMON”. This trialled at an after school for elementary school children in Yokohama city in 2016.

We also provide GAKUSHUHOIKU®, which is ShoPro’s packaged childcare method for the operation of day-care facilities using the ShoPro Method (SPM) at local day cares in Vietnam. This has shown remarkable growth in recent years due to the lack of quality childcare and the shortage of day-care facilities demanded and needed by society as a whole.

We support raising childcare quality by providing consulting services at local day cares and training local nursery school teachers.