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Public Service Division

In accordance with the Designated Manager System, PFI programs (Private -Finance -Initiative) and other subcontracting arrangements, we have been designated to perform the administrative operation of public facilities. Facilities all over Japan, operated by us, offer high quality services based on ShoPro’s education business knowledge, in a wide range of fields.

We operate public facilities such as regional lifelong learning facilities, libraries, environmental awareness facilities and more.

We operate children’s houses, after-school day care, after-school child classes and more, which are regionally oriented facilities that take on the responsibility for the safety and security of children; based on the concept that all children should grow up in a healthy environment.

We develop and deliver educational programs, vocational training, employment and welfare related support for prisoners in five correctional education facilities, and work on crime prevention programs for parolees to prevent repeat offending. These facilities include the first public/private joint-cooperation correctional facility in Japan. We also market correctional education contents that we have developed in areas such as psychological training, job training and other more general topics.

We participate and are trusted to bid for large public enterprise projects for central government ministries based on our facilities administration know-how.

We have been successful in tenders for public relations and awareness projects, lectures and events, and we are also in charge of poster, brochure and educational material production.

Public Service Division

ShoPro has accumulated facilities administration and classroom operation business know-how. We take advantage of such know-how to plan and conduct various courses for adults.

• We operate and have expanded the Shogakukan Academy Kaiga Club, which is a painting course based on our original curriculum for adult lifelong learning. Our target audience is mainly senior citizens.

• We have also started the Shogakukan Academy S.ATELIER, which are free style courses for people wanting to become professional painters, and people who have a genuine passion for painting.

• We hold regular lectures titled Edogaku Academy, where we target an audience of old Japan “Edo” lovers.

• We hold culture and continuing education courses at Shogakukan Jimbocho Academy, based in Jimbocho, which is famous as a book town. There are various themes and genres of lectures, such as history, literature, art and Japanese subculture. Our target audience is people who are attracted to the Jimbocho area and are interested in intellectual pursuits based there.