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Correspondence Course Division

“Manabi with" is a correspondence course designed and developed for the children of the future.

Our courses cover 1st year kindergarten/nursery (age 3-4), second year kindergarten/nursery (4-5) and third/final year of kindergarten/nursery (5-6).

In order to foster children’s “I like learning” feeling before entering elementary school, we focus on four learning areas (KOTOBA/MOJI, KAZU/KATACHI, TAIKEN, and CHIE). These form the basis for creating“ thinking power” within children.

Our original course for 1st - 6th grade of elementary school children cor responds to the new 2020 curriculum, which develops and expands children’s thinking power.

With a 2~4 page a day learning program, that features writing, art, and thinking tools, we will foster the child’s ability to think for themselves, which is the basis of all our learning.

This correspondence learning course has already been rolled out at elementary level at Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

This course enables children to create “the base of learning”, “thinking power” and “expressive ability”. Life skills which cannot always be measured, but allow for enhanced learning.