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Planning, development and sales of mail-order products

Shogakukan's general shopping site
The "Shogakukan PAL SHOP" brand plans and sells mail-order products that take advantage of the characteristics of each magazine published by Shogakukan.

[Related magazines]
“Sarai,” “BE-PAL,” “DIME,” “Waraku,” “Shonen Sunday,” “Sunday GX,” “Gaga Bunko,” “Korokoro Comic” etc.

In addition, we publish the mail-order catalogs"Otona no Ippin" and "Kajin Techo" six times a year for members of the Shogakukan PAL SHOP. The catalogs are carefully selected to deliver to your home only products that you will love for a long time and that will touch your heart, such as products that will last a lifetime and limited edition items that can only be purchased here, and are used by many of our members.

ShoPro also has its own e-commerce site kuumaA, a website for the Monozukuri Project, that plans and sells products produced by artists, and a whisky specialty site WHISKY MEW that plans and sells original bottles of whisky with cartoon labels. We also plan and operate the official website ShoPro mall, focusing on original ShoPro products.